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Go play at Malabu Jack's today and use your Glendover card for a free go-kart ride!

GBL always encourages you to use your own judgement in regards to road travel.  Please just let your coach now should you feel unable to attend.

Please support the concession stand while at Calvary Baptist Church.  Benefits go to support the Calvary Youth group. 

Stay tuned for weather related updates as required.


Rescheduled dates will be determined soon.  Please stay tuned for further changes.

Upcoming weekend schedule below. Check your division to see the full schedule.

If you have any good pictures for our gallery, please email them to info@glendoverbasketball.com


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Alumni Dental Center Malibu Jack's     

Calvary Baptist Court 1:


6:00 PM PREP LEAGUE Magic vs Panthers
6:50 PM PREP LEAGUE Blackhawks vs Cavaliers

8:45 AM TRAINING LEAGUE Knicks vs Wizards
9:30 AM TRAINING LEAGUE Kings vs Hornets
10:15 AM TRAINING LEAGUE Swoosh vs Spurs
11:00 AM TRAINING LEAGUE Celtics vs Trailblazers
11:45 AM TRAINING LEAGUE Heat vs Cavaliers
12:55 PM PREP LEAGUE Bulls vs Hawks
1:45 PM PREP LEAGUE Clippers vs Vipers
2:35 PM PREP LEAGUE Spurs vs Hornets
3:30 PM JV BOYS Pelicans vs Spartans
4:20 PM JV BOYS Celtics vs Thunder
5:10 PM JV BOYS Warriors vs Colonels
6:00 PM JV BOYS Supersonics vs Bruins
6:50 PM VARSITY BOYS Bulls vs Blaze


Crestwood Christian

6:00 PM JV GIRLS Wildcats vs Mystics
6:50 PM JV GIRLS Sparks vs
 Pink Panthers
7:40 PM HIGH SCHOOL LOWER Bulls vs Pelicans
8:30 PM HIGH SCHOOL UPPER Heat vs Spurs
8:00 AM 5th Quarter Swoosh vs
The Empire
8:45 AM 5th Quarter Nets vs Thunder
9:30 AM 5th Quarter Orange Crush vs Yellowjackets
10:15 AM 5th Quarter Eagles vs Fireballs
11:00 AM 5th Quarter Rockets vs Wildcats
12:30 PM VARSITY BOYS Thunder vs Swoosh
1:20 PM VARSITY BOYS Celtics vs Sonics
2:10 PM VARSITY BOYS Cavaliers vs Warriors
3:00 PM VARSITY BOYS Nuggets vs Kings
3:50 PM VARSITY BOYS Jazz vs Wizards
4:40 PM HIGH SCHOOL LOWER Hornets vs Bulls
5:30 PM HIGH SCHOOL LOWER Suns vs Knicks
6:20 PM HIGH SCHOOL LOWER Pelicans vs Bucks
7:10 PM HIGH SCHOOL UPPER Thunder vs Lakers
8:00 PM HIGH SCHOOL UPPER Heat vs Celtics
8:50 PM HIGH SCHOOL UPPER Pacers vs Spurs


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  • For over 30 years, Glendover Basketball has provided a fun, community atmosphere..

    We are glad that you have decided to come share in our enthusiasm for the sport, and the community we share.

    -- Webmaster
  • If you are not making mistakes, then you are not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes.

    -- John Wooden
  • Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the game.

    -- Michael Jordan
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    -- Bradley Whitford


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When Fayette County Schools are closed, all events in those facilities are also canceled. All other facilities are updated throught the website.

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