The Training League is comprised of 2nd and 3rd grade players.  Within this league, we have two divisions: Boys and Girls.

In various forms, this division has existed in Lexington for over 30 years. It continues to grow while allowing players to develop game knowledge and skills in a welcoming environment.

Uniform Fees are not included in the registration. Uniform Fees vary but average $20-$25.

Our TRAINING LEAGUE game times vary each week between Friday night and Saturdays.  Games are played at Glendover Elementary and James Lane Allen elementary.

Each team has a weekly one hour practice at a regular location.

All players will benefit from minimum playing time requirements.

Defense in the back court can only be played in the final minute of the fourth quarter and from that point forward through any overtime periods.

Games are played on 9 foot goals with a 28.5" ball.

Updated Nov. 25, 2017